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Giant Motorcycle Swap Meets - Birch Run, MI

Not your ordinary online map to Giant Motorcycle Swap Meets held in Birch Run, MI. The Giant Motorcycle Swap Meets are a series of swap meets held throughout the year in Michigan. These Swap Meets are Michigan's Original and Oldest. Vendors offering motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, leather goods and leather repair.

Locate Biker-Friendly Businesses in the area that will ensure your trip  will be more enjoyable than ever! Map out your ride from any location in the United States and make some interesting stops along the way. We have located tons of Biker Bars, Custom Bike Shops, Custom Motorcycle Painters, Motorcycle Dealers and (for safety's sake) Motorcycle Repair Shops in case you break down. Further directions on using the map are shown below .

Please note that we are not representatives of any Motorcycle Event listed on our Maps. Our advice would be to confirm dates and details  with the hosts of the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meets.

***Make your travel and lodging arrangements to the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet in Birch Run***


The map is pretty self-explanatory if you have  used an online map before.

1. Specify your trip origin (where are you coming from).

2. Click on the attractions you'd like to see on the map (1 to all of them). If you hover your mouse over an attraction it's name will be highlighted. If you click on the attraction you'll receive more details including the address. From here you can click to get further directions on how to get to the selected attraction.

3. Submit your route request. Your trip will be broken down into steps. If you plan on making one or more stops before arriving at your destination, you might want to break your trip down even further to locate attractions in that specific area or book your room or campsite close to the nearest biker bar!

If your browser does not support inline-frames you can view the Map here.


 Search for Places to go Within a specific 5 -50 Mile Radius of the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet or anywhere -You don't need a specific address (City and State should work just fine).


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Although online maps are great for getting you there, they normally give you the major (highway) routes. There's nothing like taking off for the country roads,  checking out the scenery and absorbing the fresh air that only country roads seem to provide. If you plan an extended stay near the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet in Birch Run there just might there just might be some interesting side trips you could take. For this reason we are including some resources we have found in our searches online that provide information on scenic rides directly below.

Michigan's Scenic Roads from America's Byways

Birch Run, MI  Local Weather

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